The Name Behind the Brand

Crafted with Passion in Mosaic Glass

Mosa More is a true handcrafted product brand to help you boost your inspiration, creativity and happiness. Each design was created for a different personality making the most Creative and Emotional Wellness Art.

Diffusers, Essential Oils, Fragrances, and Decor Pieces are designed with the most natural way, connecting with art, beauty and culture in order to inspire its founders and everyone else. 

Founder’s Story

Mosa More was conceived with love by Janet and Juan in their Travels nearly 2 years ago.

Rising from things that inspire every day, Minimalism lifestyle, and decoration of spaces with beautiful pieces that bring Joy and Well-being Life.

Janet's cultivated passion for Decoration and Cooking allows Mosa More to choose proprietary scents using the finest materials and unique designs with special colors on each piece of Mosaic Glass.

Juan’s passion for travel, business - and for never overlooking the right opportunity have created a Small Business Mosa More as a Wellness Brand. Mosa More was created because of the belief that our environment speaks a lot of our thoughts as human beings. 

The name Mosa More originates as a word composed of two meanings Mosa as Mosaic Glass and More of the search for beautiful designs. 

“Great beauty is often born of great passion.”