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Mosa More

Aromatherapy Wellness Set-Diffuser Handmade 6 Essential Oils, Humidifier, Mist Intensity, 7 LED lights Home, Yoga, Meditation

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Hand-crafted Mosaic Glass aromatherapy wellness products to help you boost your Inspiration, creativity and happiness. Mosa More Diffusers are adorned with multicolor glass pieces. Each cover is individually handcrafted and unique. Mosa More diffusers use Ultrasonic Cool Mist diffusion to protect natural Essential Oils and Fragrances so you can breathe the Essential Oils and Fragrances in a more natural way. Three settings for Mist Intensity. 7 Rotating led lights. Put 5 to 10 drops of essential oil in the water tank and plug in. This will disperse the scent into the air and inhaled to energize or calm, depending on the essential oil chosen. The mist button stops automatically when the water is low.


✨MOSA MORE Essential Oils include Bergamot: this oil drives Energy! Rosemary: This oil helps you Focus! and Sandalwood: The intense aroma of sandalwood generates the perfect romantic atmosphere. Mango-Coconut: A mouthwatering sweet and spicy honey mango along with a sweet island coconut and a hint of vanilla. Pumpkin Essential Oil: neutralizes and purifies the air from strong odors when diffused and freshens any atmosphere when diffused. Lavender Tobacco: this oil refreshes your mood, add a few drops to your bath before sleeping to promote night good sleep, also add to your diffuser at bedtime.