My number 1 tip is to clean/organize my workspace at the end of every day. It makes it SO much easier to get started the next morning!
What's yours?
 I’m certain that you’ve had one of those moments where you felt that you had way too many things. Your life was chaotic and messy. You just wanted to throw away everything and get organized.
Not only is right now the time of year when a lot of us are swapping out our clothing because we’re in between seasons, but the whole art of simplifying your life is a hot topic everywhere right now. So whether you already follow a minimalist lifestyle or maybe you’ve already KonMaried your home, (if you’re not sure what it means to KonMari your home, we’re going to talk all about that in a moment), or maybe you’re just starting to think about how to get rid of or remove all the clutter in your house. 

Have you KonMaried your home yet?  In fact, it’s the shortened reversed name of the author Marie Kondo, who wrote The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

Have you read this book yet? It’s all about removing clutter from your home and from your life. Clutter is a word that we use to describe all the stuff that you have that you don’t really need. It just creates chaos and for those of us who want a simpler lifestyle, we often try to get rid of all that clutter to get rid of something means to throw it away or discarded.

Number one: Over the weekend I got rid of a lot of clothes I don’t need anymore and I donated them to an organization.

Number two: Also, I discarded a lot of old notebooks that I just don’t anymore. In addition to those words to throw away, to get rid and discard.

In the book, Marie Kondo says, you shouldn’t keep things that don’t spark joy, but what does that really mean?

I want you to think about how you feel just moments before your wedding or just moments before you go on your dream vacation or how do you feel when you walk into a home and someone is cooking something that smells amazing and all of those situations, your heart probably beats faster in a great way. You feel warm, excited, and wonderful inside.

That’s what it means to spark joy when something gives you those emotions very quickly.

So now you hear people often ask questions like, does this sweater spark joy for you? Do you really need it?



I mentioned that now is the time of year when many people swap out their clothing. To swap out means to exchange one thing for another. So if you’re swapping out your clothing, you might be putting all of your summer clothes away because you don’t need them now, at least not where I live. And you’re getting all your winter clothes out of storage, all your sweaters and heavy clothing and this is the perfect time when you can begin to declutter and start creating a more, less is more lifestyle.

This is something I’m definitely doing right now and I’m contemplating a capsule wardrobe.

Have you ever heard that before? A capsule wardrobe. This is when you have a very small collection of clothing, just a few jeans, pants, skirts, sweaters, blouses and t-shirts and everything is very classic. It won’t go out of fashion. It’s not too trendy and as a result you can mix and match things very easily.



Since that time I’ve been working to declutter my digital life. What that means is I’m removing or getting rid of all the emails I really don’t read or want to read. I’m unsubscribing from a lot of email lists. I have a lot of things on my computer, desktop images that I’ve saved or things that I found online that I’ve saved from the last 10 years of my life and I don’t need all of that stuff. So if I look at my computer, it just looks like a crazy mess. So I’m starting to remove a lot of those things so that when I open my computer, it looks simple, clean and organized.

I’m also being more careful about how much time I spend on social media because even though I love it, That part is really fun for me, but there are other things that are so distracting, so I’m trying to be more careful and I’m limiting how much time I spend online, particularly on social media. All of these things are part of the digital decluttering process.

Have you KonMari your home yet or have you KonMari your life? You might also ask someone are you into that whole KonMari thing?

I would love to know How to simplify your day either at home or at the office?